Comparing Contact Lens Costs

How much do contact lenses cost? This is not always an easy question to answer, since it depends on a number of factors, such as the type of contacts you wear, and whether or not you have any special conditions that need to be addressed, such as astigmatism. Below are ballpark estimates of what you should expect to pay for contact lenses.

Box of Contact LensesRegular soft contacts
Most soft lenses these days are disposable, and need to be replaced every 2 weeks. A box of regular lenses costs around $25 a box, and since they contain 6 lenses, they will last you about 6 weeks. On average, you should therefore expect to pay around $225 a month if you use these kinds of lenses.

Extended Wear Lenses
While more expensive than regular soft contacts, the extended wear lenses can usually be worn for a month. Prices are around $50 – $60 a box, and each box should last you 3 months. You should plan on annual costs to be around $240.

Daily Disposables
These are by far the most expensive types of lenses. They are the most comfortable and are thrown out every day. A box of 30 lenses costs around $20, and you need two boxes a month. Annual costs will therefore be around $480.

For all lenses, you get a better deal if you buy more boxes at once. Although it requires more upfront money, you will save money by doing this, so I highly encourage purchasing a year’s supply of contacts when you order. Also remember to use contact lens coupons when you purchase your lenses from an online store.

The Internet can be a very powerful tool for doing more research on contact lenses and learning ways to save money by placing your orders from online contact lens stores. I encourage you to do more research and visit contact lens websites such as