Diablo III review

Like many video games these days, you can play Diablo III for free, at least to a certain point in the game. I downloaded this popular game from Blizzard the other day to check it out. Here is my review.

Rent new releases on GameflyFirst things first, Diablo feels very much like its predecessors, Diablo and Diablo II, perhaps too much so. It really does not feel like you are playing a game from the current era, but rather from 10 years ago. In some ways it’s nostalgic, but on the other hand, it’s as if the last decade of video game development never happened. Yes, the game has better graphics and is more expansive, but beyond that, it really does not seem to be offering anything new.

My second gripe is that the game is not in 3-D but rather a 2-D game. This again harkens back to what Diablo, the original game, offered us. Back then, the game was still compelling and among the best gaming experiences you can have. However, this is no longer the case, and the 2-D environment quite simply just feels stifling. I can’t help but think that there must have been some way to do this game in 3-D while still retaining the look and feel of the Diablo universe.

All in all, from a premier video game developer such as Blizzard, this game was a letdown. My advice? Don’t buy this game, but rather, rent it out on sites such as Gamefly. As I mentioned earlier on this blog, you can try Gamefly for free, so there is no reason to spend your hard earned money on this game.

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