Fast, easy, and healthful meals

We are all rather busy these days, and eating well can often be a problem. But one of the benefits of living in the modern era is that there are many quick, convenient ways to get a fast meal that is still full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Here are some of my favorite meals that are easy to make but still quite healthy.

Healthy Meals1. Fish and Veggies over Rice
I like to buy frozen salmon and then pan-fry it along with some frozen veggies. This ends up being a rather economical meal, and can cost around $4 or less. Add your favorite sauce (I like using teriyaki sauce) and you have a nice, healthful meal that can be quite tasty as well.

2. Pasta with Spinach
Both Ragu and Prego make great pasta sauces. Preparing the pasta itself is quite simple, and simply add spinach to the sauce. Again, I like to use frozen spinach since it lasts a long time in the refridgerator and is affordable. If you have gluten sensitivity, there are now tons of gluten-free pasta you can purchase.

3. Garden Burgers
On the whole, avoiding red meat is a good idea if you want to eat healthy. I like purchasing the veggie burgers from Morningstar, which are quite tasty. Grill them as you would a traditional burger. Once again, gluten-free buns are available if you are part of the ever growing population that can’t tolerate wheat.

In addition to eating healthy, taking vitamins daily is a routine you should definitely adopt.  Why should you do this? Quite simply, it’s to cover your bases in my opinion. Unless you are a nutritionist, you are bound to miss a couple important vitamins or minerals each day, no matter how well you plan your meals. Taking a good multivitamin is one way to ensure this does not happen.

Regular blood work is also important to keep track of any deficiencies you may have. Recently, by having my blood drawn, I discovered I had a Vitamin D deficiency. I was quickly able to address this issue by purchasing a Vitamin D supplement from Pure Formulas, which is my favorite online vitamin store.

So as you can see, being healthy requires a multifaceted approach. Cooking healthful meals is iir course a very important step, but sensible supplementation is also something you should definitely look into. I recommend visiting health sites like WebMD to read more about supplementation, as it can be quite a large topic to wrap your head around.