Getting canvas prints on the cheap

It’s nice to have customized artwork in your home. It gives your residence a uniqueness that you won’t have if you just put up a bunch of pictures and posters that can be found elsewhere. And one of the best ways to get customized artwork is to order canvas prints based on your own digital photos. Smaller canvas prints can be portraits of your loved ones, while larger ones might be appropriate for photos you took of scenic landscapes.

Gallery Wrapped CanvasI can’t emphasize enough that it is crucial to have a very high-quality digital photo of whatever image you want to turn into a canvas print. You can never have too much resolution, so I recommend using cameras with at least 12 megapixels. Also, don’t skimp on your digital camera, and try to buy the best camera you can currently afford. Some good brands to consider include Canon, Nikon, and Samsung. When taking photos for your canvas prints, avoid using your cellphone. It’s much more preferable to use a real digital camera. You will be thankful you did when you receive your canvas print and notice how sharp and clear the image is.

The next crucial thing is to pick a printing service that is reputable. I personally like Canvas People, which I have used on a number of occasions. They do good quality work at reasonable costs, and you can get a great price by using a discount coupon for Canvas People. You can currently get 20% off and free shipping by taking advantage of online coupons.

One last note; I think it’s always a good idea to get the largest canvas print you can for your image, especially if you plan to hang them up on a wall. By nature, canvas prints aren’t that big, and I have found that I generally wish I ordered a larger size after I receive my product. So think big, and better yet, measure the dimensions on a large poster and put it up on a wall so you get a good idea of whether or not the size you’re ordering will work for your home.