Signs that online dating has become mainstream

How to choose the best dating siteIt wasn’t long ago that some people viewed online dating as being something for desperate folk who couldn’t get a date using traditional means. This is no longer true, as online dating has grown increasingly mainstream, especially in the last few years. Statistics show that a good portion of relationships today actually start on the Internet.

I’ve seen some definitely signs in the last few years that prove how mainstream online dating is.

  1. Lots of commercials
    It’s safe to say that when you see a commercial on TV, it is proof that a mainstream audience is being targeted. These days, I regularly see commercials for eHarmony,, and quite a few other dating sites.
  2. Niche websites targeting conservative markets
    A lot of niche dating sites for conservative people are gaining steam. Two examples are Our Time, which targets people over 50, and Christian Mingle, which is meant for a Christian audience. Both sites have gained a lot of prominence in recent years.
  3. Almost everyone seems to know at least one couple who met online
    Finally, we’ve come to a stage where virtually everyone has a friend or family member who first met each other online. What’s more, some of these relationships seem quite solid, with quite a few of them leading to marriage.

So if you decide to give online dating a try, which websites should you consider? Here is my shortlist:

  • eHarmony
    Pick this site if you are seeking marriage or a long-term relationship. You can get a eHarmony free trial by going to this link.
  • Christian Mingle
    If you are Christian, and religion is the most important thing in your life, this Christian dating web site is probably the best one out there.
  • OurTime
    People over 50 may find that using OurTime gets them the better results than using traditional dating sites.